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Amination Studio partership

I decided to join together with a bunch of friends from Brazil and represent them in Europe in order to bring the best that Brazil has to offer. I’ve always loved their work and I really believe in their work!

For over fifteen years they have served the advertising market by providing technical and creative excellence in 2D and 3D animations, motion graphics and mascot creation.

3D animation is the creation of three-dimensional moving images in a digital environment, making realistic images that imitate real life.

A motion graphics video has a hybrid language, which mixes video concepts with design concepts.

In 2D animation the images are flat, as in classic hand-drawn animation, made with modern processes and programs

Creating a mascot allows you to differentiate yourself. A drawn character created under measure conveys emotions…

I am very happy with all the partnerships and all the beautiful work that we will do together from now on!